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Our mission is to help businesses thrive, 
by crafting customer experiences that shine.

trusted by fast-growing b2b companies

Create and deliver personalized
customer journeys, without code

Transform how you interact with new business accounts.

Collect and provide information tailored to each role -
direct users, IT, legal, finance, C-Suite, or anyone else.

Customer implementation can be a pain

The average B2B deal involves up to 6-10 people with different roles. (Gartner)

That can take a lot of time and effort using siloed tools and manual emails.

  Welcome to the new age with Explority

Gain visibility into each customer stakeholder

Stop churn before it happens. See who is engaged and who isn't with analytics in Explority. It's never been easier to understand how each person in your customer accounts is engaging with you and the content you're providing.

  • Guides
  • Automated Emails
  • Analytics

Keep your customers accountable for success

Closing a sale is just the beginning. With Explority, you create an action plan that outlines upfront what is expected from each stakeholder on the customer side. This ensures implementation happens according to plan and without hiccups.

How Explority Works

Getting started with Explority is simple.
You'll be up and running in minutes.


Build templates of your typical customer accounts. Add the customer roles and teams that will take part in the implementation process.


Easily create personalized and interactive walkthroughs with text, videos, documents and more. Add built-in forms and surveys in minutes. No technical skills needed.


Add the names and email addresses of the people in your customer accounts to their corresponding roles. Emails are automatically sent at the intervals you decide with the walkthroughs included.

Sit back and relax

Your customers see the materials tailored to them and their role. They have a dramatically better onboarding experience. Your company looks like a rockstar. It's a win-win situation.

Do more with Explority

Your sales process doesn't end after the first purchase. Explority helps ensure you're able to upsell and cross sell your customers.

Explority is...


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