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Simplify how you manage group experiences

Customer-facing invoicing and logistics tools to
reduce operational costs and improve customer experience, all in one place.
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Still managing group logistics and payments like this?

You know the drill. Sending participants to different websites and forms. Back-and-forth emails. Isolated payment tools. Frustrated participants and frazzled organizers.

All resulting in errors, miscommunication, and wasted work time that hits the bottom line.

  There's a better proven way.
It's called Explority.

A one-stop shop for you and your customers

Whether you operate trips, charity and wellness programs, or other group programs, Explority is the easy and modern way to
manage group marketing, logistics, payments, and communications.

Your customers have one dashboard and automated emails that can be personalized by group role, so they never miss a beat.

Our mission is to help your organization grow make group experiences shine.

A world-class solution

In one secure place, you're able to consolidate invoicing, customer information, and experience data. Only people you authorize are able to access the information.

Search through all your experiences to identify which participants are part of which group.

Everything just fits

  • Unified Invoices
  • Billable Forms
  • Communication via Notifications/Emails
  • Mobile App
  • Surveys with realtime analytics
  • Download Excel Reports
  • Open API Integrations
  • Quickbooks Integration

Look professional with your logo and colors front and center. With Explority, your company reduces operational costs and delivers a better customer experience to participants.

Using a different registration or payments platform? Not a problem. Explority is flexible to use and fits on top of existing systems, making it easy to import participants into groups.
Gain a competitive edge. Save money. Delight your participants.

How Explority Works

1. Ready

Use ready templates or easily create flexible and interactive templates of your group experiences with content, forms and more. No technical skills needed.

2. Set

Populate experiences with text, videos, documents and more. In minutes, add built-in forms that automatically trigger payments to a participant's invoice balance.

3. Go

Your customers are able to view their invoice and content through a secured portal on the web or mobile device, leading to a dramatically better customer experience. Your company saves up to 40% of work time and reduces operational costs.

trusted by growing companies & organizations
“I would say Explority has saved us 30%-40% of the time we used to spend chasing people down. It’s been a game-changer for us.”
Jessie Karsif
Associate Director, Hazon

3. Send

Add the names and email addresses of the people in your customer accounts to their corresponding roles. Emails are automatically sent at the intervals you decide with the walkthroughs included.

Explority is...


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